Under 18s at World Gatherings

Young MacLeods in 2016

Younger MacLeods at the Clan Parliament in Dunvegan in 2006

Over the years, youth activities have been organised for under 18s under various names, as described below.

The Nellies

The Nellies or members of the “Nellie Club” are the youngest of the MacLeods, of pre-primary school age. Due to local child protection laws, it is sometimes not possible for our volunteers to operate programs for the Nellies at World Gatherings, so they may not be scheduled.

MacLeod Bheag

In Gaelic, bheag means “small”, and MacLeod Bheag are the younger of our “middle aged” youth, typically of primary school age

MacLeod Mor

In Gaelic, mor means “large”, and MacLeod Mor are the older of our “middle aged” youth, typically of secondary school age.

MacLeod Ealanta

The Gaelic word “ealanta” refers to someone who is artistic and creative. The Ealanta activities are best for young MacLeods who enjoy quieter activities or are of primary school age (about 7-14 years old).

MacLeod Sùrdail

In Gaelic, “sùrdail” describes someone who is active and strong, or eager and diligent. MacLeod Sùrdail activities are best for active young MacLeods of secondary school age (about 14-18 years old)

Child protection