Mighty Mini Macs

The Mini Mighty MacLeods of South Australia. Image courtesy of the MMMs

The Mighty Mini MacLeods of South Australia are a force to be reckoned with! At Parliament 2018, two of the MMMs – 12yo Georgia and 14yo James – made a presentation to clansfolk and impressed the audience with a confident presentation about their activities. We hope that more MMMs will spring up in other parts of the MacLeod world.

Where MMM started

A youngster accompanying parents to events noted that not all Clan MacLeod children attended. She observed that it was ‘boring’ for them watching people sit about and talk. She raised her concerns at the 2015 AGM and presented her solution. Thus, with input from senior members present, Mighty Mini MacLeods was born.

MMM began as a means to:

  • Give an outlet for energy – when accompanying parents to meetings or events.
  • Foster children’s acceptance and celebration of their Scottish distinction and cultural diversity.
  • Celebrate a child’s passion in Clan MacLeod activities.
  • Provide opportunity for them to enjoy age appropriate events.

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