Young MacLeods

Young MacLeods 2010

All the under 40 year olds at the Clan Parliament in Dunvegan in 2010

The Clan MacLeod Societies strive to provide meaningful and age-appropriate social and educational activities for their younger members. Please contact your local Society to find out more about family-friendly activities and family memberships. Find our more about the Mini Mighty MacLeods of South Australia below!

We strive to provide activities for our younger members – for both under 18s and over 18s (called Young MacLeods) – at our World Gatherings – find out more below.

At this point we are seeking a Leader for the Young MacLeods from anywhere in the world to help create a space within Clan MacLeod for young people to participate in this coming period leading up to the Parliament gathering in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye in July 2023. In previous Parliament years there has been a ‘North Room Group’ (known as the NRG) of Young MacLeods which comes together in the week before Parliament to work on special projects in and around Dunvegan Castle. Such groups in previous years have been not only a lot of fun but the start of lifetime friendships with other young clan members from across the world. However, this critically needs the enthusiasm and commitment of a small group of Young Macleods to take the initiative and make it happen. If you might be interested in leading the development of this and coordinating Young MacLeod activity and involvement, please contact Rory, our Parliament organiser, to find out more:

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