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29 October 2020
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Scotcrest: 50 years of clan crests

For 50 years, Scotcrest has drawn on a unique collection of crest masters to create handmade Scottish clan gifts.  

Craftsfolk at Scotcrest create a bull’s head as part of the creation of a MacLeod crest.

The family business is based in Inverclyde overlooking the banks of the River Clyde. Scotcrest will celebrate its 50th birthday in February 2022. The Scottish gifts company is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of handmade Scottish clan gifts. Scotcrest products are hand made using a blend of traditional and modern materials, along with locally sourced material 

Scotcrest’s Scottish clan range is not only comprehensive, but it is unique. The company holds its own hand carved master moulds for over 350 Scottish family clan crests. These masters have been approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Clan Chiefs, making it an unparalleled collection. Their use ensures customers will always get a fully authentic Scottish hand produced product of the highest quality. 

As a Scottish manufacturer, Scotcrest is proud of its traditions, knowledge of Scottish Heraldry and the quality of its workmanship, using skills developed over the last 50 years by its woodworking craftsmen and woman and leading heraldic artists. Scotcrest’s unique Scottish products are unsurpassed in both quality and authenticity and guaranteed to stimulate interest amongst all generations now and in the future.

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