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young macleods 2018 If you are a young person between the ages of 18 and 30 and are interested in becoming more aware of your Scottish heritage, meeting people from around the world with the same interests, or perhaps even traveling to Scotland, our Youth Membership Programmes may be of interest to you. Check out the information in this website's Young MacLeods section. Young MacLeods

Classic MacLeod Book Reprinted

Tales Of Dunvegan Tales of Dunvegan provides enchanting reading for those who find refreshment in the simply told tale. The first part of the book deals with the supernatural, absorbing stories which have filtered down through the years and become enriched by the re-telling. Here is the baffling, the inexplicable, the mystic, lifting the reader away from reality for a brief spell. The second half consists of traditional stories, fascinating misty legends long buried and now presented by the author with an imagination born of a rare and intimate knowledge of Skye. Brenda MacLeod was the daughter of Clan MacLeod historian Canon Roderick C MacLeod of MacLeod. She was a resident of the Isle of Skye and later a frequent visitor, carrying on her father’s research after his death. Brenda was a first cousin to 28th Chief Dame Flora MacLeod. Both Canon Roderick’s brothers were Chiefs: Norman Magnus 26th and Sir Reginald 27th. Sir Reginald was Dame Flora’s father. Tales of Dunvegan offers a wonderful introduction to the MacLeod Clan legends. First published 1950, reprinted 2022, paperback, 15 stories, 110 pages. Tales of Dunvegan by Brenda MacLeod, reprinted 2022, paperback, 110 pages Browse merchandise

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