Clan MacLeod Parliament – Dunvegan, Isle of Skye – July 22nd – 29th July 2023

Autumn 2022 update (5th September 2022)

Following on from the postponement of the Clan Parliament in 2022 due to Covid, plans are afoot for 2023. The bare bones of the programme are fairly similar to previous recent Parliaments, but we are probably anticipating fewer attendees given the potential for new Covid outbreaks and also the general state of the world! However, we do not intend to be gloomy about that prospect but instead look forward to a gathering where we will be able to get to know each other a little bit better and have a bit more time to catch up with old friends, and just as importantly, make new ones!

For anyone who has never been to Dunvegan or to a Clan Parliament, the whole idea of Parliament is to come to Dunvegan and strengthen the bonds of Clanship in the land of our forebears – or more simply put – to have some fun! We will meet in Dunvegan for a whole week of Clan Events, trips to places of historical significance to MacLeods, and also hold business meetings of the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies. Everyone will have their own personal highlights from Parliament Weeks past, but they will no doubt include for some, Ceilidhs with performances and dancing, and for others climbing MacLeod’s Tables and visits to Borreraig, home of the MacCrimmon Pipers. We are looking forward to the now traditional barbecue at Dunvegan Castle hosted by the Clan MacLeod Society of Germany – “Bratwurst and Beer at the Pier” and also to Whisky Tasting and a Clan Quiz. There will be plenty of time for socialising of course and it is often the more spontaneous events that folk organise themselves that prove the most fun.  And of course, there will be access to Dunvegan Castle itself!

We will have a programme for younger clansfolk to participate in, with trips and activities organised for children, though likely to be accompanied by their parents – at least for the younger ones! We are looking to organise a working week before Parliament for the North Room Group for young MacLeods aged over 18 and under about 30! This week has been a feature of Parliament for many years and for anyone who has been before is probably the highlight in their Parliament memories.

As mentioned previously, we are anticipating that numbers may be down on previous Parliaments. We don’t view this necessarily as a problem, and should allow folk to get to know one another better. It might also allow us to organise more intimate visits to some of the places – including to Borreraig, where the logistics of taking over 150 people at one time has proved challenging in the past. We are currently discussing, with various organisations, events of a type and in locations that should be new to everyone – details to follow, but needless to say they will be interesting and exciting and I’m not necessarily talking about abseiling from the Inaccessible Pinnacle on a mountain bike!  

We are anticipating the registration for Parliament will go live later in the Autumn and will be accessible through Please do also remember that we are looking to organise a Pre-Parliament tour to Mull and Iona – further detail will be posted here as soon as available.

We look forward to greeting you in Dunvegan next summer. Please do get in touch at if you would like more details at this stage but the latest updates will always be available on

Rory McLeod

President CMS Scotland and Parliament Organiser

The next Clan Parliament will take place in Dunvegan from Saturday 22 July to Saturday 29 July 2023.

Summer 2022 update (30th June 2022)

While many countries are working hard to restore normal commerce and travel, it is obvious that it is too early to plan a world-wide gathering like Parliament in 2022.  Therefore, at the ACMS meeting of 26th June 2021 it was decided, that in view of the current COVID-19 world situation, we would postpone the 2022 Parliament until 2023.

To the best of our knowledge, postponing Parliament will not help MacLeods with changing or canceling any of their transportation or accommodation arrangements.  However, everyone should check with their transportation and accommodation vendors as there are still many flexible options in place.

We are aware that a number of MacLeods have already made accommodation bookings in the Dunvegan area for July 2022.  Although there will be NO OFFICIAL CLAN MACLEOD ACTIVITIES DURING THAT TIME, it is possible that MacLeods may still be able to travel to Skye and enjoy a personal visit using their individual arrangements.  The ACMS Parliament Coordinator has offered to collect the names of MacLeods that may be on their own in Scotland during 2022 and would like to connect with other MacLeods who are there at the same time.  Please send an email to in order to be put in touch with others that may still have travel plans.  Any activities planned by these MacLeods in 2022 are all personal excursions made at everyone’s own cost and at their own risk.  This means that we will not have complimentary access to Dunvegan Castle, so this might be a great time to take advantage of a membership for the Friends of Dunvegan Castle and Gardens.  Information and benefits can be found here. Please make note of any COVID protocols affecting the Castle posted on that website.

The next Parliament year following 2023 will be 2026, in order to continue with our four-year intervals and not disrupt other activities such as the North American Gathering.  

We have not decided what to do about ACMS elections, which are normally held at Parliament (according to the ACMS Constitution).  This will be on the agenda for our next Council meeting.  Our two options seem to be to either hold them through a teleconference, or wait until Parliament 2023.  We lose some elections transparency with the first option, and the second option means that current office holders will continue for five years, and those elected in 2023 will serve for only three years.  

— — —


The new dates for Parliament 2023 are Saturday 22 July through Saturday 29 July.  The ACMS Parliament Coordinator has confirmed access to both Dunvegan Hall and Dunvegan Castle for our Parliament activities in 2023.  We envision a “full” Parliament with our meetings, workshops, youth activities, afternoon excursions, and evening entertainment.  If there are COVID protocols still in place, we respectfully expect these activities to comply with them.  

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The North Room Group (NRG) activity is expected to take place the week before Parliament, 15-22 July 2023.  As always, this is an activity run by the ACMS Youth Membership Coordinator with the support of the ACMS Parliament Coordinator.  The age for Young MacLeods to be eligible for NRG is 18-30.  If you have any questions about your age qualification, please contact  Please note that if any Young MacLeod in your organisation is interested in helping to run NRG 2023, or is perhaps interested in assuming the Council position of (MacLeod) Youth Membership Coordinator, they can contact for more information.

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A pre-Parliament tour in 2023 to Mull and Iona is under discussion. This would take place in the three days before the 2023 Parliament starts on Saturday 22 July.  Once we have confirmation and further details this will be updated here.

We are very much hoping that public health and safety, as well as the offerings of the travel industry, will have improved and stabilised in 2023. 

Any updates on the possibility of a pre-Parliament trip in 2023 will be passed to ACMS Council members as they become known.