DNA Presentation at Parliament: Tuesday 25th July 2023

At the 19th MacLeod Clan Parliament on the Isle of Skye on July 25, 2023, Mark MacLeod, one of our Clan MacLeod DNA Surname Project administrators, presented a talk focusing on the DNA of members of the MacLeod DNA Surname project at Family Tree DNA.

Watch this 30-minute YouTube video to find out more:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5ZGWndVWNI

In summary, DNA shows us that most MacLeod men can be placed in one of 5 genetically distinct groups. The MacLeod men in the largest of these groups are likely direct paternal line descendants of Leòd, the founder of the clan.

The other 4 groups are likely descendants of men who assumed the MacLeod surname far back in time. Also presented is DNA evidence which supports that most MacLeod men in these 5 groups will likely have a female MacLeod somewhere in their family tree who is a direct descendant of Leòd.

Therefore, most MacLeods, women and men, will likely have a link back to Leòd, either along their paternal line or through a maternal connection, or both.

DNA TESTING through Family Tree DNA:

If you have a connection to the MacLeods and would like to find out more about testing and, more especially, the difference between the types of DNA tests on the market, please check out our latest page on MacLeod DNA Testing Recommendations.


Clan MacLeod DNA Surname Project administrators are:

Mark MacLeod

Rod MacLeod

Colin Macleod