The England Society celebrates

Members of CMS England celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Society


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Founded in 1937 as the Clan MacLeod Society of London, the name was later changed to the Clan MacLeod Society of England to fully embrace England, Wales, the Isle of Man (the birthplace of Leod) and the Channel Islands.  The first gathering, in January 1938, attracted some 300 MacLeods to meet their Chief, Flora, Mrs MacLeod of MacLeod, the 28th of her line.  The occasion was widely publicised as nothing like it had ever before taken place in London.

The outbreak of war in 1939 made it difficult to continue many of the activities generated by the enthusiasm which followed the gathering.  However, members kept in touch and, later in the war, further gatherings were held to which overseas MacLeods serving with the armed forces were invited to meet their Chief.  These provided the springboard for Chief Flora’s subsequent travels to meet loyal clansfolk in the Commonwealth and America and to encourage them to form their own Clan MacLeod Societies.  Today there are nine such national societies with many regional branches, so that the Clan is indeed a world-wide family, with warm ties of kinship and friendship.  From its London beginnings the England Society has gradually widened its membership so that we now have members distributed around the country.



The Present

The England Society has promoted and joined in many ‘clan’ and Scottish occasions over the years and warmly welcomes members of other MacLeod Societies, their friends and relatives to all these gatherings.

The Clan MacLeod Society of England has a small elected council of enthusiastic volunteers.  There is an annual general meeting held on a Saturday in April followed by lunch and socialising.  In today’s busy times, the opportunities for get-togethers are limited: the committee will be happy to consider any ideas for social activities.  In recent years, there have been whisky tastings, Christmas dinners, Burns Night meetings, and trips to support the Scotland rugby team!

Our message on this page is simple: if you are a MacLeod (however spelt) by descent or marriage, or are a member of one of the Clan Septs, and live in England, Wales, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands, you are eligible for membership of the Clan MacLeod Society of England.  As a member, you are then part of the worldwide organisation upon which, to coin a phrase, ‘the sun never sets’.

If you would like to join us on one of our activities, start to reclaim your heritage, or just find out a bit more, please get in touch – contact any member of the Clan MacLeod Society of England Committee, listed below, and we will be delighted to have a chat.



National President
David MacLeod

Vice President
Clare Moncrieff

Secretary and Membership
Al McLeod


For membership enquiries, please contact our Membership Secretary using the form below.

Please kindly note: we are not genealogists and do not have any capacity to carry out genealogy research! Unless your enquiry is about membership, we would recommend contacting a professional genealogist. Scottish Indexes may be able to help: https://www.scottishindexes.com/ 

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