South Australia

AustraliaThe branch was formally inaugurated three years after the visit of Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod, who first visited South Australia on November 22nd 1957. At the time of the inaugural visit, the governor Sir Robert George and Lady George entertained the chief to luncheon and then an informal afternoon tea was held by Douglas MacLeod in the South Australian Hotel at which about 50 MacLeods were able to meet with the chief. That evening a party was held at Dunvegan, the home of George MacLeod Manson in the suburb of Springfield at which more MacLeods were present.

The foundation members were: Mr/Mrs. Frank MacLeod, Mr/Mrs. Douglas MacLeod, Mr/Mrs. Eastcourt Luxton, Mr/Mrs. George MacLeod Manson, Mr/Mrs. Jack McLeod, Mr/Mrs. MacAskill, Misses K & J MacAskill, Mr/Mrs. L Larwood. The inaugural secretary was Jack MacLeod and Frank MacLeod was the first President.

The South Australian branch also produces regular newsletters which inform members of the forthcoming clan events and general information about the local Scottish history of state and of the role played by Scots in the development of the state.

The Society enjoys close ties with other Clans in South Australia and the fellowship in supporting Scottish activities. The Clan sponsors dancing and piping, in keeping with our proud Clan tradition. South Australian MacLeods have been discovering their connection with the MacLeods of Raasay who migrated here as pioneers from 1838, two years after the new Colony was founded, far from the Hebrides. With widowed mother Flora Ann, the brothers, James, Loudoun, Francis and John (13th MacLeod of Raasay), made their new life first at “Rona”, McLaren Vale, (now a famous wine district just south of the capital, Adelaide), and later at ‘Nalang’, a vast selection of 90.000 acres near Bordertown. After three decades of trial and tragedy, the MacLeod memorials in Adelaide and on the land attest to their pioneer spirit.

Their descendants, Chiefs of the Lewes and of Raasay, reside in Tasmania.

Southern Australia Enquiries

Secretary, Clan MacLeod Society of South Australia:

Mr. Alex McLeod 65 Third Avenue, Moana, 5169 South Australia, AUSTRALIA
Telephone: 08 – 83270925

The Clan MacLeod Society of South Australia maintain a website which can be reached through this link.