Covers of the Clan MacLeod Magazine from 2018-19.

The Clan MacLeod Magazine saw the publication of its first issue in 1935 and has had over one hundred issues since! The Magazine has seen eleven editors over more than seventy years, producing simple black-and-white to full-colour glossy pages, covering topics such as genealogy studies of present-day MacLeods to their Norse ancestors, the birth of a new MacLeod tartan, National Society updates, the Chief’s semi-annual letter, and book reviews. The Magazine is created using the contributions of the MacLeod clansfolk from many countries and nearly every continent, reflecting global views and remarkable cultural diversity.

Feedback for the Magazine has been glowing, with readers enthusiastically stating that they read it “from cover to cover”. Two issues are produced per year, in April and October, and and are free to members of a Clan MacLeod National Society – find out how to Join Us. Independent subscriptions to the Magazine itself are also available. Please contact the Magazine Editor, Kevin J. Tolmie:

If you have any suggestions for upcoming articles or other feedback, please contact the Magazine Editor.  We thank you for your interest and support!  

The Clan MacLeod Magazine April 2020 edition is available here and October 2020 here