know your past to be able to understand your future
The MacLeod of Raasay family outside Raasay House. Chief John (front row, fourth from left) stands next to his brother, Chief Donald of the Lewes, and his wife, Elizabeth. Next to Elizabeth is their son, Alasdair Younger of Raasay, and their daughter, Hannah

We are firm believers that you have to know your past to be able to understand your future…

We think that the BBC Family History website is a great place to begin when starting family history research. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to provide advice here. We have some capability elsewhere as shown below, but the BBC website talks you through getting started, how to construct your family tree, whether to pay or not to pay for services, and next steps.

Links to various publicly available and subscription-based websites and resources are available here and via the BBC Family History site here.

Some of the Clan MacLeod Societies across the globe have information on family history and genealogy on their own websites. Find out more through these links: