14 June 2019

Tartan Day

Each year the Clan MacLeod is well represented at the NYC Tartan Day Parade. A massive thanks to all clansfolk who turn out to wear the […]
1 March 2019

Young MacLeods 2018

by Bron McLeod This year, amongst all the fun, the Young MacLeods had the privilege of working on the small pier at Dunvegan Castle as part […]
1 March 2019

2018: Clan MacLeod Parliament

by Kevin John Tolmie In greater numbers than for many years, and with every MacLeod Nation represented, Clan members gathered at Dunvegan in July. We were […]
1 March 2019

Lewis and Harris 2018

by Kevin John Tolmie Parliament 2018 was preceded by a tour of Lewis and Harris. This was last done in 2006, organised by Ruari and Anne […]