Available online now Issue 130 of The Clan MacLeod Magazine
11 May 2020
Scotcrest: 50 years of clan crests
26 February 2021
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Available online now Issue 131 of The Clan MacLeod Magazine

Dear Clansfolk and Friends of Clan MacLeod,

You are invited to download the October 2020 (CMM 131) issue of The Clan MacLeod Magazine from here.

Subscribers will still get their paper Magazine – in fact it is on the way. But we also want our subscribers to have the opportunity to receive the information and stories within the Magazine no later than they would normally.

In normal circumstances our Magazine would not be available electronically so circulation can be restricted to those who subscribe or have it included in their Clan MacLeod Society membership. However, we have decided speed of delivery outweighs the possible distribution of free copies. We encourage you to onforward the electronic version to others who may be interested in the affairs of our beloved Clan. Maybe this will induce them to join.

Please onforward this information to as many clansfolk as possible.

Keep safe, and Hold Fast,

Peter Macleod
President, Associated Clan MacLeod Societies and Chair of The Dame Flora
Communications Committee

Kevin Tolmie
Editor, The Clan MacLeod Magazine

Dorna Caskie
Administrator, The Clan MacLeod Magazine

The Clan MacLeod Magazine October 2020 edition is available here.