Rory Mor Fund Development Committee

Sir Rory Mor

Our 15th Chief Sir Rory Mor (born Roderick MacLeod of MacLeod (1565–1626) was adept at navigating the financial instruments of his time.  Fundraising is not simply about keeping accounts!  Besides his chiefly responsibilities at home, Rory Mor was able to raise a small army that traveled to Ireland to assist “Red” Hugh O’Donnell in the war against the English.  After punitive demands for title deeds back in Scotland were forced on the highland chieftains, Rory Mor was able to persuade James VI to remit to the Chief his lands of Harris, Dunvegan and Glenelg.  Chief Sir Rory Mor maximised the value from many difficult situations, and is the inspiration for the fundraising efforts of the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies.


About the Committee

The Rory Mor Fund Development Committee conducts all fundraising activities on behalf of ACMS.  ACMS does not yet have a significant endowment to spend, so money and support for projects are raised at the time they are undertaken.  These projects are typically managed by the Alasdair Crotch Committee, although the RMFDC’s input is also critical to assessing the feasibility of projects and developing their budgets.  The RMFDC can also facilitate the transfer of gifts made from individuals and organisations to international recipients.