The MacLeods are Parliament

The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies publishes the Clan MacLeod Magazine twice a year, maintains a web site and publishes genealogies and histories of the Clan MacLeod.

ACMS also sells a range of Clan MacLeod items including tartan ribbons and other wearable accessories, books, CDs and DVDs, with the stories and history of the Clan.

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ACMS organises a Clan MacLeod Parliament every four years. Members of the National Societies gather together to conduct Clan business, nurture the bond of kinship within the Clan, and facilitate lasting friendships. Our ancestors were dispersed throughout the world, and through these activities Clan MacLeod strives to bring us back together again.

The next Clan MacLeod Parliament is in July 2026

In addition to the website, Parliament, and the Clan MacLeod Magazine, ACMS has a structure of committees and roles reporting to the ACMS Management Council. These committees/roles look after communications, operations and fundraising.

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