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Are you interested in your MacLeod heritage? Do you want to meet other MacLeods from around the world? Find a National Society near you, check out our Events across the globe and discover your MacLeod Roots.


Join the Clan MacLeod at our Clan Parliament on Skye in July 2023. Experience a week of friendship and clanship, with outings, ceilidhs and events for all members of the family.


Find out more about our unique quality goods that are not typically found through other commercial merchants. From accessories to books – and more.

A great way to let the world know you are a proud MacLeod!

Young MacLeods

If you are a young person between the ages of 18 and 30 and are interested in becoming more aware of your Scottish heritage, meeting people from around the world with the same interests, or perhaps even traveling to Scotland, our Youth Membership Programmes may be of interest to you.