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The dates for our 2018 Clan MacLeod Parliament/World Gathering have been announced.  More information and registration material are available at http://www.clanmacleodparliament.org.  

Parliament will take place from Saturday 21 July until Saturday 28 July, centered in Dunvegan, on the Isle of Skye.  If you are unfamiliar with what happens at Parliament, please explore the past Parliaments listed on the menu at the left.    

The North Room Group Service project will take place from Saturday 14 July until the NRG joins Parliament on 21 July.  

A pre-Parliament trip will take place on the islands of Harris and Lewis during the week before Parliament, exploring places of interest to MacLeods.  

The website http://www.clanmacleodparliament.org also has information and registration materials for the NRG and the pre-Parliament trip.