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President:  Alistair MacLeod

Vice President: Leonard McLeod

Newsletter Editor: Brenda MacLeod Morris

President's Note 

Dear Fellow Clansfolk,

It has been an honour and privilege to have been elected as your President this year and though our Society has shrunk in numbers since we started nearly 25 years ago, it is my intention to stabilize and grow it this year - with your help, please.

I would like to welcome our new members this year, especially Evelyn McLeod and his sons, Charles and Graham, his daughter, Joan, and his grandson Matthew - all of whom I look forward to meeting.  And I especially wish to thank Evelyn for his sterling support and effort in recruiting members. How I wish we had had him as a member 25 years ago!

Whilst recruiting new members is vital for the health of any organization, I believe that it should be secondary, though, to first serving and looking after our existing new and 'old' members, for without their support  we would simply 'fade away' - something that we, with Scots blood in our veins, are unlikely to allow!

I plan for us to have between three and four social gatherings between June and the end of this year, with the focus being on our heritage and developing a greater interest in Scottish piping and dancing, as well as learning more about where we come from and our proud traditions. I also plan to have regular monthly committee meetings throughout the year so that all of our local Clan Society issues and matters can be efficiently, timeously and professionally addressed.

Until we can establish a viable 'social sub-committee' elsewhere in South Africa to organize local social events for members outside of Cape Town,  we must continue to rely on keeping up our links and fellowship through our regular newsletter and receiving as many contributions to it from you, our members, as possible. Please,   wherever you are, write/email your contributions to our secretary, Guy Macleod

I look forward to seeing you all this year - if not before, then at least at our November Annual Dinner!

Yours Aye,



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