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New ZealandThe Clan MacLeod Societies in New Zealand are Helensville (north of Auckland), Auckland (including Waikato and the Bay of Plenty), Hawke's Bay (including the lower North Island), Canterbury, covering the top half of the South Island, Central Otago, Otago (Dunedin), Central Otago and the founding society in Southland.
Do you live in New Zealand, and have an interest in, or claim ancestry from a MacLeod or sept of the Clan? Contact  Ross de Wynter or Rona Cooper who can give you contact details of your nearest Society. The members will be delighted to welcome you!
History of the Clan Society in New Zealand
The first New Zealand President was Malcolm of Napier, who held office from 1955-1957, and was followed by James C. McLeod of Gore.
The first New Zealand Newsletter was published in 1959, with Alison MacGibbon as editor. December 1970 saw the publication of the Loyalty Newsletter for young MacLeods, who formed this group in November of that year, with Miss M.G. Allman-Marchant as Chairman and Karen McLeod as Secretary.
Many of the branch societies would have been formed in 1954/55 to coincide with Dame Flora's first visit to New Zealand - Canterbury's inaugural meeting was held on 31 August 1954.
In 1959 there were eleven branch societies:
Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa, Wellington, Canterbury, North Otago, Otago and Southland.
Numbers have dwindled over the years due to population shifts and the coming together of some societies as numbers fell in some areas to where we are today.