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National flag of Australia
Australia is a country bounded by the seas of the Pacific, Southern and Indian Oceans, and so it is not unexpected to find that there is a diversity of opinion and activity within the Clan MacLeod Societies across this great dry continent.
Perhaps it is because of our governmental structure, which consists of a Federation of the states to form the Commonwealth of Australia, that we do not have a National Society or a National President. The primary role of the Coordinator of CMS in Australia is to be the conduit for information from the parent body of the ACMS to our various presidents of the Clan Societies in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and in Western Australia. Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory are managed from the Sydney headquarters of the NSW Society, and traditionally members in Tasmania have been serviced by the Victorian Society.

The earliest reports of a Clan MacLeod Society in Australia dates back to before the First World War and that a Society was active in Victoria in 1912. After lapsing for some time, it was reformed as the Australasian Clan MacLeod Society in 1951 and it became the Victorian society in 1967. The Societies in New South Wales (NSW), South Australia (SA) and Western Australia (WA) were all formed in the 1950's, either in preparation for the visit of the late Chief Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod or as a direct result of her visit(s).

The national Co-ordinator for Clan MacLeod Australia is:
Peter MacLeod
19 Viewpoint Drive
Toukley, New South Wales 2263
Phone: 61 2 4397 3161


All enquiries regarding genealogical information should be sent to the local secretary in the state of origin or landing spot of the members' antecedents. There is no national genealogical coordinator for the CMS in Australia.