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Contact ACMS Merchandising for ordering information.  We will let you know what shipping and packaging costs need to be added to your order before accepting payment.

The Suardal Tapes

MacLeod stories told by the late Norman of Suardal, a mesmerising speaker with enormous heart and engaging humour.  Featuring interludes with traditional MacLeod piping tunes played by Norman's nephew, John Davidson Kelly.

Volume I (on one CD): £11.99
Volumes II and III (on one CD): £11.99

Complete set: Volumes I, II, and III (on two CDs): £18.99

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The MacLeods (History of a Clan)

I. F. Grant's complete history of the Clan MacLeod; a truly classic book. This CD contains the complete text of the book in conventional PDF files, which can be viewed using a personal computer.  

Price: CD £10.00

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