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Here we try to provide excellent quality goods that are not typically found through other commercial merchants. Great ways to let the world know you are a proud MacLeod! Click on the images below to enlarge. Contact ACMS Merchandising for purchasing information. We will let you know what shipping and packaging costs will be added to your order before accepting payment.

  Men's ties embroidered with the ACMS logo and motto, "We shall hold a light." Available in maroon, navy blue, or forest green.
Price: £7.55

  Have you attended our Clan MacLeod Parliament, and need to commemorate your presense? Proudly wear your Parliament pin or key fob! 

  Your choice of Parliament pin (made to be worn with "year bars") or key fob, enameled with brass finish.
Price: £4.00
Year bars for '90, '94, '98, '02, '06, '10, and '14 are £1.80 each. Other years may be available by special order, please contact ACMS Merchandising.


Our tartan ribbon is a great value and can be used to embellish clothing, hats, and furnishings, or to fabricate Clan memoriabilia such as bookmarks, gifts, and scrapbooks.  

Tartan ribbon (Harris), 7/8" (23mm) wide.
Price: £0.60 per yard, five or more yards £0.50 per yard.
Tartan ribbon (Lewis), 7/8" (23mm) wide.
Price: £0.60 per yard, five or more yards £0.50 per yard.


And a holiday accessory for your home!

  Clan MacLeod Christmas decoration.
Price: £10.00