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The concept of a genetics study for Clan MacLeod was first proposed to the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies [ACMS] in 1974 as a chromosomal analysis, definitive DNA analysis not being readily available at that time. The proposal was declined because in the minds of the leadership at that time such would be "an invasion of privacy." Now, thirty years later, the ACMS has completed a study involving over 550 initial volunteers under the auspices of University College London [UCL]. This Study had two arms: an investigation of possible surname DNA linkages and a search for Viking DNA linkages.
This Group Name Project, now being continued through the premier commercial genetic genealogy company, FamilyTreeDNA, is aimed at the same two linkages, and, in addition, hopes to further clarify the relationships between haplogroups even further. Also, the Study now has been extended to include Sept names, as described on this site.
The UCL Study revealed two elements of interest. Some 32% of the volunteers revealed a common haplogroup compatible with origins 1,000 years ago on the Isle of Man.An additional 12% revealed a common haplogroup compatible with Scandanavian origins. Both of these groups are consistent with our oral traditions and history. As we increase the numbers of samples we hope to further clarify and define both of these initial findings and also reveal additional information
There are currently four projects underway:
  • DNA testing of surviving cadet families of both the Harris/Dunvegan and Lewis/Raasay branches of Clan MacLeod.
  • DNA testing of descendants of MacLeods (however spelled) who settled in the Sandhills section of North Carolina.
  • DNA testing to delineate a McLeod family with three McLeod lines, created where two McLeod females from one line married male McLeods from two other lines.
  • DNA testing for any interested MacLeod as part of the continuing general project.

If you want to participate in the Gentics studies further information is available in the ACMS Genetics brochure which can be downloaded from here