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The ACMS Management Council is made up of the MacLeod Chiefs, the National Society Presidents, the ACMS Officers, and other elected members of Council. These positions and their scope of authority are described in the ACMS Constitution. The ACMS Constitution also sets out a process for the election of Officers and members of Management Council at Parliament. 

Available Terms of Reference for Management Council positions are included in the ACMS Business Handbook. It is further noted in the ACMS Constitution that:
5.3 All nominations, apart from incumbents who wish to stand again, shall be made through National Society Presidents or their designated proxy. There is therefore an expectation that National Society Presidents will satisfy themselves that nominees have experience relevant to the post e.g. having held office in a National Society; having been secretary or treasurer of a similar organisation; having been chairman; or other functional equivalent.
If a prospective candidate is unfamiliar with the operations of ACMS Council, that candidate is strongly urged to speak to the incumbent to become familiar with the practical responsibilities, relationships, and financial commitment required. Contact details for the incumbents can be found in the current “yellow pages” of the Clan MacLeod Magazine. 

Below is the list of nominees to stand for elected offices approved at Council's busniess meeting on 10 February 2018): 
President Peter Macleod
Toukley, NSW
Executive Vice President Alasdair McLeod
Isleworth, Greater London
Honorary Treasurer David MacLeod
Maidenhead, Windsor
    and Maidenhead
Honorary Secretary Dorna Caskie
Tenants Harbor, Maine
Business Manager Tammie Vawter
Fresno, California
DFCC Peter Macleod
Toukley, NSW
Magazine Editor Kevin Tolmie
Glenrothes, Fife
Corresponding Secretary Ruth MacLeod
Mt. Pleasant, WA
Internet Editors Ross De Wynter
Browns Bay, Auckland
Coordinating Genealogist Andrew MacLeod
Holystone, Tyne and Wear
ACC [no nominee]
RMC John Norman MacLeod
Naperville, IL
Youth Membership Coordinators Bronwyn McLeod
Moana, SA
Finlay MacLeod
Winnipeg, MB
Parliament 2022 Coordinator [no nominee]
The ACMS Honorary Secretary is required to publish the full list of nominees on the ACMS website and by mail to National Societies four months before Parliament. This notice is that required communication. 

ACMS Management Council will meet several times during Parliament week, according to this schedule.

Additional candidates may come forward if nominated by their National President at either the closed ACMS business meeting on Sunday evening 22nd July, or during the election meeting on Friday morning 27th July.

If you have any general questions about the elections process, please contact eitheryour National President or the ACMS Honorary Secretary.