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Sir Rory Mor

Sir Rory Mor, 1562-1624, 15th Chief, led an adventurous life during a very stormy period of Scottish history. He came to be recognised as one of the greatest highland chiefs of his time and greatly enhanced the fortunes and standing of the Clan.

The Rory Mor Committee (Fund Development)  

The Rory Mor Committee is one of three ACMS Management Teams which contribute to the day to day running of our society and the plans we have for the future.  As its name implies the Roy Mor Committee  has special responsibility for the development of funding to support:
Regular/continuous needs
Intermittent short term needs
Regular/Continuous Needs

The development of the society, the membership and recruitment. The encouragement of the young and subsidy for CMS youth activities at gatherings and working parties and individual personal projects. Sponsorship of external activities and programmes having association with CMS aims.

Intermittent Short Term Needs

Specific projects relating to the preservation and renovation of our heritage, the creation of new memorials to clan events, the research of our genetic history, the publication of literature and other media. Contribution to external projects having historical and current clan association.

The Roy Mor Committee strategy to meet this responsibility is to establish a continuous income stream to satisfy Item 1 and at the same time accumulate a reserve from which specific project start-up funds can be drawn to initiate key project appeals for Item 2 needs.

The Clan MacLeod Endowment, established in 2005 as a result of the MacLeod Stewardship Challenge Grant, is a capital fund from which the interest is available to provide this income stream, - in due course.   The relatively small capital sum currently yields too little interest to contribute meaningfully and therefore the primary aim of the RMC is to promote the enhancement of the CME.  This is potentially our most important and basic resource.
The target is to achieve a capital sum yielding at least £2000pa  by Year 2014.
This sum will then be available for all national societies to draw upon subject to ACMS approval.
The Rory Mor Committee works particularly closely with the Alasdair Crotach Committee (ACC) -  who have responsibility for the identification of projects in furtherance of the Society's aims.  In a nutshell, the Alasdair Crotach Committee dreams it up or takes onboard the dreams of anyone in the CMS and, if it is decided to go ahead (ACMS approval) the Roy Mor Committee  sorts out the funding.
Every National Society has a member on the Roy Mor Committee,  so that everyone can find out how matters are progressing, what projects are in the pipeline, how they are being paid for and what part they can have in bringing it all to fruition.
Contacting the Roy Mor Committee
The Roy Mor Committee is Chaired by Ewan MacLeod, Ewan can be contacted by using the Contact US page of the this site and messages will be passed on to him.