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Welcome to the official web home of the Clan MacLeod worldwide

Are you interested in Clan MacLeod's heritage? Do you want to meet other MacLeods from around the world? Questions? Interested in joining? Need more information? Use the National Society Links to find the Clan MacLeod National Society nearest you.

ACMS Council ballot of nominations for 2014 Elections available

At its15 February 2014 meeting, the ACMS Management Concil approved a ballot of nominees for this year's Council elections at Parliament. More information is available at http://www.clanmacleod.org/clan-news/2014-acms-council-elections.html. PLEASE NOTE that we are seeking a candidate to stand for the office of ACMS Honorary Treasurer. As most of our accounts are based in the UK, UK residence and a knowledge of UK banking is required. If you have any questions, please contact the ACMS Honorary Secretary, who will refer you to the appropriate person for an answer.

Clan MacLeod Parliament/World Gathering 2014 in Dunvegan, Scotland

To be held Saturday 19 July 2014 to Saturday 26 July 2014. The service week project for the North Room Group will take place in the Dunvegan area from Saturday 12 July to Saturday 19 July. There will be no "pre-Parliament trip" in 2014.

More information, including everything you need to register for Parliament 2014, can be found at http://www.clanmacleodparliament.org/.